Best Free Video Conference Service

A video conference call is a live video streaming chat amongst a group of people, similar to a meeting but over the internet.

This is a quick guide on how to use a free service to create unlimited free video conference calls for upto 20 people at a time without registration.

For this guide we use to create a custom video conference link that you can send to people to join your video conference.

  1. To start with, head over to Online Video Call and copy the URL that is given to you here.
  2. You will have a link similar to this one here
  3. When someone clicks that link they automatically join your conference group.
  4. Send think to the people who you want in your conference by email, social media or chat app.

That is really simple and easy! However, each time you visit the Group Video Call page you are issued with a different link. The numbers at the end of the link will change each time you create a new video conference call. Maybe you would like something more permanent so you don't have to send out the same invite each time you want to hold a conference call.

It is really easy to customize your conference call link by simply changing the numbers to anything you want to use.

For example:

Changing the numbers to "MyConference" will work fine, however, you don't want to use that link now that other people will be joining that group due to it being publically pasted onto a webpage. If you don't want uninvited guests joining your call, you might want to customize it some more. Add some random letters or numbers. Remember you will only need to send this link once to your members, so even if it doesn't look too great or easy to remember, it will always be accessible from the emails and invites you sent.

Try something like

It can be anything you like. Once created it will always be there, never deleted. You can access your conference call at any time. Create as many as you like. Online Video Call is free, unlimited and doesn't require registration.

So if you are looking for the easiest and free way to make a video conference call, follow this little guide and you will have your conference setup in less than 5 seconds!